A Professional Hair Stylists Top 5 Tips for Curling Your Hair

When it comes to curling your hair, I hear from clients all the time that they have no idea what they’re doing and that they usually just wing it. I gave my friend and fellow Makeup Artist, Lauren, a lesson on how to curl her hair a couple months back and her comment not even a few minutes into the lesson was that she had been curling her hair completely wrong her whole life.

I feel like a broken record when I say this but no one is born knowing how to do hair and makeup. It’s something you learn from someone. So let’s dive into my best tips for doing so.

Curl Away From the Face

My best and biggest tip for curling your hair is to curl your hair away from your face. Meaning, the right and left sides get curled back towards whatever is behind you.

Curling away from the face ensures the curls aren’t falling towards your face and getting in the way. Curling away from the face is also more flattering as it frames the face nicely.

Split Your Hair Into Sections

My second best tip is splitting your hair into sections. Especially if you have a lot of hair like I do, it will make the curls more precise and you’re less likely to miss pieces.

I like to split my hair in half. I throw the top half on my hair up in a clip and leave the bottom half down to do first. Then I split the hair right down the middle in the back and pull each side forward so I can see what I’m working with. I start at the very back and work towards the front.

Let the Curls Cool

When curling your hair, if you want it to last it’s best to curl the hair and leave it in the spiral. Don’t run your fingers through it and let it cool in that position. Do this for your whole head and even walk around with it like that for a bit. Then run your fingers through it to soften the curls.

This ensures longevity because the curl is still forming when it's hot. Once it has cooled, it has “set” in this position. Same kind of idea as when professionals “set” your hair by curling it and pinning it in place. I do this technique on all my clients.

Rotate Directions for Volume

By rotating directions every other curl, meaning, one curl towards one curl away from the face, this will give you maximum volume. This will also help create that beachy, messy, boho look. But, make sure the sections around the face are still curled away from the face as it’s the most flattering.

Always Heat the Root First

Lastly, and one of my most important tips is to always heat the root of your hair first. By saying the root, I mean the top of your hair strands closest to your head. You want to start at the top and slowly glide the iron down the mid to end shaft of your hair. This way, you are working out any kinks or bumps at the root of your hair first, focusing mostly on the mid shaft where most of your curl will be and having the least amount of time and heat on the ends of your hair.

You want your ends to be on the curling iron for the least amount of time because these are the most fragile, damaged part of your hair. When you start at the bottom and curl upwards, your ends are sitting in the curling iron the most amount of time and therefore you are damaging them more than you need to.

Sharing these tips with you is truly game changing. But, sometimes we still need a little help. Having someone take the curling iron from you and physically show you how to curl your hair is life changing. I remember how long it took me to get the correct hand placement and figure out the right direction to curl my hair.

I offer personalized, one-on-one classes both in the salon and virtually on how to curl your hair. These classes are perfect for someone who curls their hair regularly, someone who has to have their hair look nice on the regular for their job, someone who is frequently attending events and even if it’s just something you’ve always wanted to learn and master.

If this is something that interests you, I would love to set up a one-on-one class to do so! You can contact me at miamangino@gmail.com for more information.

I hope these tips and tricks were life changing to your curl game. Sometimes even the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.



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