Avoiding "Cakey" Makeup

As I was searching for my next blog post topic I asked my mother what her biggest beauty concern was. Her biggest concern ended up being cakey makeup. She said when she did her own makeup it looked heavy and sunken in. Now a majority of people would agree that's not the kind of look you’re going for. It certainly wasn’t what my mother was going for. That being said, I’m here to give you some of my best tips and tricks on how to avoid cakey makeup at all costs.


Many people tend to skip out on primer seeing it as just another extra step added to your makeup routine. In my personal opinion primer is a crucial step. There's a primer out there for just about every skin concern and it helps your foundation last longer. To avoid the “sunken in” look you’re going to want to be using a pore filling or smoothing primer. The job of these primers is to smooth out or fill in any texture, pores or fine lines. What is happening is without a primer the foundation is sinking into these areas thus accentuating them. Think of the primer as a filler.

Start Small

As silly as it sounds, it may make all the difference. Start with a small amount of foundation and just slowly work your way up.

Beauty Blender

This is one of my all time favorite tricks that I randomly discovered. If you've built up too much foundation take a damp beauty blender and ponce it over the area. It picks up the perfect amount of excess foundation while putting some moisture back into the skin and leaving it looking natural. You can do this before or after you set your face with powder.

Setting Spray/Primer Spray/Rose Water

Similar to the beauty blender trick, putting moisture back into the skin always seems to freshen your face. If your face is looking a little too powdery, this just might do the trick. I personally would recommend a rose water spray or a primer water seeing as how they would be more hydrating. I definitely would not recommend a mattifying spray. That would just intensify the problem.


Probably the best tip I could ever give is to take care of your skin. Your makeup sits on top of your skin so if you want one to look good you have to take care of the other one. I know not everyone has time to or can commit to double cleansing and putting 50 different serums and creams on their face. Totally understandable. The bare minimum of skincare that I would recommend is cleansing, misting your face with a toner and moisturizing your face. I used to be that person who never even washed her face nonetheless used a toner. But I promise you those 3 little things will make all the difference.

Like always, let me know if these tips helped you avoid cakey foundation.



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