Choosing The Right Iron For You-Ceramic VS.Titanium

On Facebook I often get many ads that pop up for different hot tools. One particular brand caught my eye yesterday and as I was browsing the different hot tools they had to offer I was confused on which pick would be better; ceramic or titanium? If I didn’t know the difference then how would someone else? After lots of research I’m here to tell you the difference and what your “best fit” is.


I found that ceramic is the most popular for everyday use and the best choice for most people. It is made to evenly disperse heat throughout your hair shaft and is suitable for most hair types meaning thin/fine hair to normal hair. Since thin/fine and normal hair types require less heat to get the job done it is the “friendlier” option when it comes to damaging your hair due to heat. (ALWAYS use a heat protectant on your hair)


Titanium, on the other hand, heats up and transfers heat much faster than ceramic and is suitable for thick/coarse hair types. It is considered more aggressive due to it’s high heat retention and is used more commonly by professionals. The reason it is suitable for thick/coarse hair types is because thick/coarse hair is harder to manage. It requires a more aggressive, higher heat to get the same result as thin/fine and normal hair.


A lot of the time you will also see tourmaline irons. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone crystal that is a natural source of negative ions and is most often layered over ceramic or titanium. When heated, these negative ions are given off which in return help with static and frizz giving a smooth, shiny effect. (Static and frizz are caused by positive ions in the atmosphere). Tourmaline is good for all hair types due to its ionic technology including damaged hair.


Now let's talk pricing. Ceramic vs. titanium vs. tourmaline. It actually goes in that exact line where ceramic is going to be your cheapest option, titanium will be your middle guy and tourmaline will be your most expensive. To help you get an idea of what price range you’re dealing with I have listed popular irons and their prices. I tried to pick one in the lower range, one in the middle and one in the higher range. The price of irons also depends on the brand you are choosing. Higher end brands always have a higher price range no matter what its made of.


Conair Double Ceramic Curling Wand $17.99

Hot Tools 1-¼” Nano Ceramic Flipperless Curling Wand $39.99

T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25” Curling Iron $160

Conair Style Starters Ceramic Flat Iron $19.99

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 1-inch Flat Iron $56.49

CHI Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron $89.95


Infiniti Pro by Conair Rainbow Titanium Curling Iron $29.99

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Iron $49.95

TYME Iron $190

Conair Infiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron $44.99

Babyliss 1 Inch Titanium Flat Iron $59.99

T3 Luxe 1” Straightening and Styling Iron $180


Infiniti Pro 1 ½” Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron $24.99

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron $47.99

The Beachwaver $199.00

Conair Tourmaline Series $56.99

CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener $99.99

L’ange Hair Aplatir $109


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