Eye Opening Growth

This blog post is very different from my normal jam but I was feeling compelled to write it. I’ve had a “personal growth” category on my blog for some time now as I toyed with the idea of if it would fit into what I do. But, after some thought I realized in my job, I help and educate people; just on the beauty side of things. So, I figured it wasn't that far off the beaten path.

I was looking back in my personal growth journal and noticed I’m just about due to write another 1 year goal. While I reviewed last year's goal, my first thought was how overzealous I was and how my life is nothing like what I had hoped. Then, I re- read it and realized, actually, it’s really not that far off. My goals may have been amplified, but for the most part, they had been achieved. At the end of the day that’s the goal, right? You over-stretch in order to overachieve?

In my career mostly, I find it difficult to see the growth that has already happened because I’m so focused on what more I want for my career and where I want to end up. Rarely do I take a step back and think about how far I’ve come. Why as humans, do we not show gratitude for our accomplishments when we’re still in the mountains of our success? There’s so much more to do before you can deem yourself successful but yet, if you didn’t come this far, you wouldn’t be this close to your goal.

Each and every step along the way is exactly that; a step. And if you didn’t take that step, you wouldn’t be walking towards where you’re headed. What now looks like small puddle jumps, then, were giant leaps. We don’t have to applaud every step along the way but instead, show it gratitude instead of disgrace.

Gratitude for the fact that it’s getting you to where you’re going. Gratitude for the fact that it has changed you, bettered you or taught you a lesson you needed to learn in order to grow.

So what’s my point here? When you acknowledge how far you’ve come it’s eye opening. You’ve been doing everything you needed to up until this point for this long to get you to where you wanna be. Eye opening growth.

Just a little food for thought and motivation during this hectic time. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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