Hair Ties & Breakage

For my everyday ladies that wear their hair up pretty regularly; this is important. Your regular hair ties may be causing breakage.

You know what I’m talking about, the classic black hair ties that you wrap around your hair as many times as you can to get just the right hold.

Now, this post isn’t to say stop wearing your hair up or to stop using hair ties. Trust me, I do it too! This is to inform you and help you find some alternative ties.

How are hair ties causing breakage? Pulling your hair back is causing strain on the hair. Especially if you’re into tight buns and ponytails. Thus leading to breakage. Also, if you’re pulling your hair up in the same spot frequently that isn’t helping either. Frequently putting strain on the same area/same hairs will definitely lead to breakage.

What can I do to prevent this as much as possible? Like I said earlier, I do it too! Way more often than you think as I am completely lazy when it comes to my own hair. Sometimes you just gotta throw your hair up in a cute ponytail or bun for a day. I feel the easiest way to help is by switching up your hair ties! Some of the best non-damaging hair ties are; Scrunchies (which are making a comeback and now come in a variety of super cute styles), Invisi Bobble hair ties (which is a plastic spiral ring thingy), Knotted Ribbon Elastic hair ties (so cute in my opinion!) and Full Circle Elastic hair ties. Whether you throw your hair up in a plain black scrunchie at home doing nothing or rock a cute ponytail with a knotted ribbon elastic both will help give your hair a break!

You can also help prevent breakage by not putting your hair up when it's wet, not sleeping with your hair up and putting the ponytail or bun in different places on your head. For example one day high bun one day low pony kinda thing.

I hope this article helped and have fun and get creative with different hair ties! Play around and switch up your styles!



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