Hair Wizard of Oz's Top 5 Tips for Curly Hair

This blog post has been one I have been dying to do for a while now. I see SO many girls with frizzy hair and so much potential for their curls. The only problem is they have no idea how to care for it and the potential their hair has! I immediately thought of Osman because he is the queen of transforming curly hair. If you follow him on Instagram then you know what I’m talking about.

Osman is a close friend of mine as well as a partner on many many weddings through True Beauty Company. But, when he’s not on weddings doing amazing bridal updos with braids he’s in the salon doing insane balayage, highlights, cuts, styling, makeup and more! Although I do have some knowledge on curly hair, his by far exceeds mine and is the perfect person to collab with for this post. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Tip #1 Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Osman’s first tip is that you should be using sulfate-free shampoo. He believes everyone should stay away from sulfate shampoos but especially girls and guys with curly hair.

What are sulfates? Sulfates are chemicals often found in shampoos as well as household cleaners and detergents due to their cleansing properties. They’re responsible for creating the lather in your shampoo. The two main types of sulfates are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Why are they bad? Sulfates can be overly-stripping. Meaning, they strip your hair of its natural oils. They can also be too harsh for sensitive skin, strip color or treatments you have had done and too rough on the cuticle of your hair causing frizziness.

Examples of sulfate containing shampoos: This would be your Suave, Pantene, Dove, Garnier Frutis, Aussie etc.

So, shampoos that contain sulfates are especially bad for guys and gals with curly hair because they roughen up the cuticle causing frizziness. Frizziness is the one thing you want to avoid as much as possible!

For more information on shampoo and what ingredients you should be looking out for you can read ‘The Truth Behind Cheap Shampoo and Conditioner’.

Tip #2 Co-Washing

This tip was actually so fascinating to me because I had never heard of co-washing before! So, to break it down for you, when you have naturally curly hair you normally do not wash it every day. Depending on the person, their curl pattern and lifestyle they may wash their hair every other day, two times a week or even just once a week. In-between these washes, every time you get your hair wet you should be applying either a cleansing conditioner or a regular conditioner from root to tip. That is what you call co-washing.

What is the purpose of co-washing? Co-washing still cleanses the hair in between washes without over stripping the hair.

Tip #3 Product

Tip number three is that you should be applying your product directly after the shower while your hair is sopping wet. The purpose of this is to seal the cuticle down with the product before it gets a chance to frizz. When the hair starts to dry, frizz starts to happen and it is more difficult to correct it after it happens versus before it does.

Tip #4 Sectioning

Whilst applying your product Osman recommends sectioning your hair so you can assure each strand is coated with product. He suggested sectioning into 4 in the front and 4 in the back for even application.

Tip #5 Scrunchi’s

Osman’s very last tip for curly hair is if you’re planning to wear your hair curly the next day; pile your hair up on top of your head nicely and secure it with a Scrunchi. A mixture of the soft fabric of the Scrunchi and wearing it up ensures your curls won't be dented or misformed throughout the night. It also helps prevent frizz.

Pro Tip: Another great tip for preventing frizz throughout the night is using a satin pillowcase.

Osi’s Favorites

To end this blog post on a strong note I wanted to mention Osman’s favorite line of products to use on curly hair. This comes as no surprise considering he is pretty strictly a ColorProof lover; his favorite line by far is the ColorProof TruCurl line. Personally, I have used their TruCurl Mousse before and absolutely loved it. So, if your in the market for some good products to use on your luscious locks go visit Osman in Schenectady at his salon suite! He sells the full TruCurl line plus anything and everything else ColorProof.

You can also purchase the TruCurl line online on their website or at Haven Salon in Ballston Spa.

So, how was that for some amazing information?! I am so happy to have gotten to do this post with Osman. I love having this platform to be able to not only promote my amazing friends I have in this industry but also to be able to share truly amazing, professional information, with everyone who follows my blog.

So, to my curly hair friends, this one is for you.



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