I Learned This From Tik Tok...

I recently was scrolling through Tik Tok and I came across a video where a girl explained that she brushed her hair a certain amount of times a day with a boar bristle brush to help distribute her scalps natural oils down her hair shaft and in return, get a longer time in between hair washes. Being a beauty professional, I was especially curious if this was not only true but also a major benefit to your hair being that I had only ever heard of boar bristle brush being beneficial to hair extensions and blondes.

I know not to believe everything you see on social media because anyone can share anything without having the backing to prove it. But after doing some of my own research, I am shocked at how many amazing benefits using a boar bristle brush has.


It turns out that it is true! Boar bristle brushes help distribute your hair's natural oils that are produced on your scalp throughout the hair shaft thus naturally conditioning your hair and adding shine. They also trap any excess oils in the bristles of the brush which helps your scalp to be less oily for the time being because it is moving the oils from the scalp elsewhere.

It is important to remember that oil production isn’t bad. It is our scalps way of naturally conditioning our hair strands.


Another benefit to using a boar bristle brush is that the bristles of the brush can help stimulate your scalp. This increases blood flow and unclogs your hair follicles which in return, can help with hair growth. Without proper blood flow and circulation, your hair cannot grow.


While the brush doesn’t specifically clean your hair, it can help trap any extra dirt and debris such as lint, dandruff, and even and excess product you may have in your hair. Like I said earlier, the bristles also help unclog your hair follicles.


Another great benefit to using a boar bristle brush is that it can help prevent and lessen hair breakage. Have you ever been brushing your hair over the sink and noticed all these little hairs all over? Brushing is one of the most common ways to break off any split and damaged ends you may have. The boar bristles of the brush are gentler on the hair strands helping lessen the amount of breakage happening every time you brush your hair.

This specifically is what I was referring to earlier when I mentioned that boar bristle brushes are good for blondes because blondes are more prone to breakage.


Boar bristle brushes are known to help prevent static in your hair because boar bristles and wood do not generate static electricity. This is especially helpful in the winter time!


I mentioned earlier that in the video I saw, the purpose of using the brush was to distribute the oils down the hair shaft and get a longer time in between washes. It is in fact true that you can use the brush to get a longer time in between washes and here's how.

  1. Once you have reached second or third day hair (whenever your hair starts to get oily) you can brush your hair with your boar bristle brush before styling.

  2. After brushing and distributing the oils, go in with your dry shampoo to your roots to soak up any excess oils that may be left.

  3. After that you can either rub the dry shampoo in with your fingers, redistribute it with your brush or you can take a blow dryer and your desired brush and blow dry the dry shampoo in. In my personal opinion, if you have the time for it, blow drying will help work the product into the hair, get rid of any excess residue it may have and help with the longevity of your style.

  4. After this, you can restyle your hair as desired if need be!

You can repeat these steps over for as long as your hair can go in between washes. For some, they may do this three times before their next wash and for others they may only need to do this once before their next wash.

Different Types

If I’ve sold you on a boar bristle brush by now it is important to know that there are different kinds of boar bristle brushes. Fine, thin hair that is fragile is best using a soft, all boar bristle brush that isn’t too compacted while medium and thick hair can use a mixed bristle brush.


Lastly, I want to touch base on the importance of cleaning your boar bristle brush considering the amount of oil, dirt and debris it traps in the bristles. I recommend giving your brush a good deep clean every couple of weeks or about once a month. The easiest way to do this is by filling your sink with water and adding a clarifying shampoo to the water then letting the brush soak. Be sure to get any hair that may be trapped in the brush out before doing so.

Being someone who goes 3-4 days in between washes, a simple little “hair hack” like this can be life changing! I use heat frequently on my hair and I’m always looking for new ways to extend the longevity of my style, so making a switch to something as small as what brush I am using can make a huge difference in my hair routine!

If you fall into the category where getting a boar bristle brush may be beneficial to you, I encourage you to try it out, use my step by step routine and see if you can see a big difference in not only your hair health, but also the longevity between washes!



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