My Current Hair Care Routine

As a professional hair stylist I work with an array of professional hair care brands. That being said, I also recommend these brands to you guys and my clients. But, do I actually use the products I am recommending on my own hair?

The answer is yes, I love these products so much I use them on my own luscious locks. So I’ll keep it short and sweet and get into what I use on my hair, when I use it and why.

I have a good chunk of hair thats not fine but not coarse. It falls right in the middle and is somewhat wavy, but not curly and not straight. The back of my head, especially towards the nape of my neck, has some kink to it but the front has just the slightest amount of wave. Enough to where no matter what, wearing my hair natural is not an option. It’s just not cute.

I used to actually have some frizz to my hair when I used cheap shampoos. Once I started using quality shampoo and conditioner that went away. I can actually get away with not putting a ton of product in my hair which is amazing because I’m not a fan of too much product feel. I much rather be able to run my fingers through my soft hair.

So, all that being said, my current in the shower hair care routine is much more complicated than my out of the shower routine.

I start with ColorProof’s Detox Shampoo to remove any build up in my hair. I use dry shampoo on the regular and only wash my hair 2 times a week (every 4 days) so the detox shampoo really gets my scalp super clean without stripping my hair.

The water in my shower also has a high concentration of minerals and this shampoo is the only thing that doesn’t make my hair feel like it has build up in it even after it’s been just been washed. That may be confusing to you so let me explain more in detail.

If your water is hard, and has a high concentration of minerals, it can affect your hair and scalp and how it reacts to shampoos. This stumped me for a long time until I started using the ColorProof Detox Shampoo. This may just mean you need something super cleansing to fight through it.

So after I use the Detox Shampoo, I use the Neuma ReNeu Shampoo with a scalp scrubbie. I shampoo twice for a few reasons; I don’t wash my hair everyday, I use a good amount of dry shampoo on my scalp and have thick hair so my scalp is really struggling to breathe. I also struggle with dandruff that comes and goes as it pleases. I’m pretty sure it is a mixture of my hormones and the season changes. So, the Neuma shampoo is great for reducing dandruff because it is made with peppermint oil that reduces scalp irritation and flaking.

In order to truly treat my dandruff I use ColorProof’s Scalp Cleansing Brush and really scrub my scalp free of flakes. The nice thing about this scrubbie is it’s rubber so I could never scrub my scalp hard enough to make it bleed. But, it still does a wonderful job at getting all the flakes off the surface of my scalp. As long as I do a good job at scrubbing, I am flake free.

*If you’re interested in a blog post all about dandruff and scalp health, leave a comment for me below!

So after I’m done shampooing I use Neuma’s NeuMoisture Conditioner. I truly feel like no other conditioner compares to this one when it comes to leaving your hair feeling moisturized and soft.

Once I am out of the shower it depends on if I let my hair air dry or if I decide to blow it out. If I blow it out I will use a root boosting mousse on the crown of my head for some volume. The one I’ve currently been loving is the MoroccanOil Root Boost but I also love the ColorProof SuperPlump Whipped Bodifying Mousse. I will also use a smoothing/styling cream if I’m feeling extra, but sometimes I just skip it. If I do, it’s either ColorProof’s HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Creme or Neuma’s Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion.

Next, I almost always use dry shampoo. The current dry shampoo I’m using is MorroccanOil’s Dry Shampoo in dark tones. It’s somewhat colored so it doesn’t show up stark white on my dark brown hair but it also doesn’t give off too much pigment where it leaves your scalp looking brown. I’ve most certainly had that happen before.

Any other products that are used in my hair are not used on a daily basis. Instead, they’re specific to the occasion. Usually the only other two products used in my hair are texture spray and a working hair spray. I love the Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer and the Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Texture Hairspray. For a working hairspray, my number one is the ColorProof All Around Working Hairspray.

So, I’m sure that was a handful of products and knowledge thrown at you. But I can assure you this is really what is used in my hair. Like I said, my routine is the most complicated in the shower. Once out of the shower my most minimalistic product is just dry shampoo. I try to be pretty simplistic while still using what I believe in all around when it comes to my beauty routines.

Let me know if you want more blog posts like this! I would be more than happy to share more on what I use as a professional on myself on a daily basis.




All Neuma, ColorProof, Schwarzkopf and Davines can be purchased at Haven Salon in Ballston Spa.

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