My Must-Have Products for Styling

There's no hiding that my all time favorite hair care lines are Neuma and ColorProof with a little mix of Kenra Professional in there. I have a huge love affair with all of them. But in this blog I wanna talk specifically on my favorite products for styling hair. Now by styling, I mean my go-to products for curling and updos. Not blowouts, that’s a whole other blog post that will be coming your way sooner then later.

When a client sits in my chair my first few questions are “what style are we going for today?” and “how well does your hair hold a curl?”. At this time I’m also assessing the hair whilst asking these questions. Is your hair super soft and slippery? Frizzy and coarse? Kinky, curly or straight as a pin? These factors will automatically determine what products I will be using and give me a general idea of how well your hair will hold for the style you’re going for.


If I see frizz I automatically go for my ColorProof HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème mixed with ControlCraze Styling Crème. This was a trick one of their educators taught in a class I attended that changed the game for frizzy hair. HeatProof provides the anti-frizz while ControlCraze provides hold. Therefore, the perfect combo to smooth frizzy hair and give the hair major hold.


When a client tells me their hair never holds a curl or even kind of holds a curl the first thing I want to do is spray the hair with the Kenra Professional Platinum Hot Spray. This wet spray doubles as a heat protectant for the hair while also giving hold. The best part is when you run the fingers through the hair or brush it out the hair doesn’t feel crunchy. The only time I skip this step is when a client tells me they their hair holds a curl extremely well. Next, no matter what, I always use the ColorProof AllAround Color Protect Working Hairspray. It provides flexible, brushable hold while leaving the hair soft and shiny. After AllAround, if the hair is super soft and silky I add ColorProof’s TextureCharge Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray. If the hair is soft and slippery, it’s not going to hold a curl. Think of it as something slippery slipping out if your hands. When you add texture to it, it will be less likely to slip through your fingers. So when you add texture to the hair, it is more likely to hold a curl. Lastly, I will finish the look with their UltraMarathon Strong Hold Hairspray. If the clients hair really doesn’t hold a curl I will spray it after all the steps listed above, but before curling as well as and at the end.

So whether you’re going out for date night and just trying to get your curls to last all night or trying to figure out how to manage your frizz when you style your hair for work these products got you covered.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you love them?! Let me know in the comments down below!



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