My Secret to a Flawless Complexion

As we enter 2020, the trend shift in makeup went from wearing a ton of makeup like an instagrammer to not wearing much at all and showcasing a fresh face. The skin care market is skyrocketing and a correlation has been made to great skin, using great skin care and great makeup.

That being said, the use of primers before makeup application isn’t as popular as it once was. Instead, they’re being replaced with applying great skin care catered to your skin's needs.

So by now I’m sure you have realized my secret to a flawless complexion is...great skin care! But let’s talk about why.

As I’ve referenced before, there are an array of different skin types; dry, oily, combination and normal. If you’re unsure of what this means, you can refer to my blog post on the importance of knowing your skin type. Before applying makeup, these certain concerns need to be addressed or else it will affect how your makeup looks on your skin and how it wears.

Dry, dehydrated skin needs intense moisture. When it doesn’t get the moisture it needs it can look cakey, cracked, flaky and can even accentuate fine lines and wrinkles under makeup.

Something that you don’t think about but makes since after it’s said is the only difference between using a moisturizer or a moisturizing primer before makeup is one gives you more moisture than the other. So, why wouldn’t you opt for the more moisture your skin needs?

I once read in a Kevyn Accoin book that your skin has no time clock; it does not know the times of day. That being said, it needs the same amount of moisture at 8am that it does at 8pm.

FACT: All skin needs moisture. Even the oiliest of girls need moisture both in the AM and PM.

Both oily and combination skin have their oils come through their makeup after a certain period of time. This causes them to look shiny and greasy. They’re also more prone to having larger pores and acneic skin.

This skin is the only skin I use an actual primer on. I will use a smoothing and mattifying primer to control their oils but, this is always done after a freshly washed and moisturized face. The difference between their moisturizer and a moisturizer for someone who is dry is theirs is much less intense. Instead of a heavy cream it may be a light gel moisturizer.

Now that I’ve explained why it’s important to address certain skin conditions, let’s get into my recommended skin prep before makeup.

I recommend that every face is cleansed and moisturized before applying makeup. If your skin is not cleansed, you’re applying makeup on top of oil, dirt etc. that built up while you’re sleeping. Next, your skin should be properly moisturized in all areas but especially under your eyes. Like I said earlier, dehydrated skin with makeup over it can show fine lines and wrinkles more. As a Makeup Artist, that is the one area where I notice the fine lines even more when it hasn’t been properly hydrated.

On my clients, I have been using Sonia Roselli’s skin prep on all makeup applications for about a half a year now. Sonia is a Makeup Artist that worked in the bridal industry for 20 years before creating her own line of skin prep to be used before makeup applications. She created this line for the purpose of having a flawless base to apply makeup on top of.

That being said, I carry her Sexapeel, Water Oil, Water Elixir and Water Balm in my kit. Sexapeel is an instant gommage exfoliation spray that gets rid of rough and flaky skin texture leaving the skin baby smooth. I use Sexapeel on clients that need a good exfoliation before applying their makeup.

TIP: Properly exfoliated skin that is baby smooth makes your makeup look absolutely flawless and is prime condition for applying makeup. Smooth skin = smooth makeup. You should be exfoliating once or twice a week.

If you’re over the age of 40 or have extremely dry skin I use Water Oil, Elixir and Balm in a trifecta on the skin for maximum hydration. Water Elixir is a light liquid moisturizer and serum that is great for both oily and dry skin and also helps with redness. Water Balm is an all around moisturizer that acts as a toner, serum, day cream, night cream and makeup primer in one. Water Balm plumps the skin and fills in fine lines.

FACT: Skin over the age of 40 needs all the hydration and then some. You should be using serums, creams, oils etc.

Any other skin I use Water Elixir and Balm depending on the circumstances. Water Balm for sure gets used on anyone and everyone.

TIP: Water Balm can also be used as a mask for maximum hydration where as it will sit and soak into the skin.

So now that I’ve thrown out at you a whole ton of information on skin care and prepping the skin for makeup, I will say that I have a Complexion class coming at the end of February! The date is set to be on February 22nd and I will be teaching skin prep, how to achieve a flawless, skin-like base, covering imperfections, contour and bronzer, blush, highlight and brows. There will be 5 spots available at $50 per person.

So, if you loved this post and want to come learn more about a flawless complexion shoot me a text, email DM etc. to come join me!



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