My Signature Liner Technique

I originally started doing this technique when I had eyelash extensions to give myself the look of liner without having to rub off gel liner so close to my lashes. That, and I also have a huge love affair with smoked out liner looks and this technique is a great way to achieve smoked out liner. So what is the technique you say? Using eyeshadow as liner. Not as mind blowing as you might have thought but can look so natural and soft while still getting some definition. Oh, and did I mention it’s an extreme time saver?

I love using shadow as liner when I am in a hurry, too lazy to apply gel liner, want something super soft or want something super smokey. I also use this technique a lot on clients who don’t wear a lot of makeup and clients who are older and have mature skin. It’s a great way to give definitio without being as bold as gel, pencil or liquid liner.

Now let’s talk about application. Nine times out of ten when I use eyeshadow as eyeliner I don’t bring it all the way into the inner corner. By not taking the shadow all the way in your defining the outer corner of the eye and giving the eye that “almond shape“ effect. Doing so helps leave the inner corner looking bright and open.

The main key to using shadow as liner is building and the brush you are using. Start off light handed and build until it’s as dark as you please. You can also use an eyeliner pencil first, as you would the shadow, smoke it out, and then add shadow for a super blown out/smokey look.

For brushes you want something that is small, will pack the shadow on and will blend the shadow out appropriately. Personally, I really like the JH43 Eyeliner Smudge Brush from her Morphe X Jaclyn Hill brush collection. But, you can use any pencil or flat brush you have.

Another great pro to using eyeshadow as liner is you can achieve an all in one look with just one eyeshadow palette. Plus, you don’t have to use traditional black or brown, you can have fun with other colors. I often use deep browns, plums, burgundy and deep purples because they compliment my brown eyes.

I hope this blog post sparked your creative juices and inspires you to try out eyeshadow as eyeliner. If you do, post a picture and tag me in it! I would love to see them.



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