My Top 3 Tricks for Frizz-Free Summer Hair

I decided that I am going to continue on with the summer theme for a 2 part series. As I mentioned in my previous blog, this extreme summer heat has made me want to shave my head and never look back. Having thick, long hair sitting on the back of your neck is not the ideal situation. Not to mention it completely ruins the under part of your hair after you did it nicely.

As mentioned previously, heat intensifies your oil production as well as the frizzyness of your hair. You know, when your hair starts to grow like a lion's mane and the kink and curl in it comes out. So, once again I’m here to teach you the greatest tips and tricks to beat the heat.

Tip #1 Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

The best way to beat frizz any time of the year is using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. It instantly calms the hair down depending on what brand you are using.

My favorite smoothing shampoo and conditioner is CrazySmooth from ColorProof. On the bonus side, it smells like cupcakes. You can purchase ColorProof at Haven Salon in Ballston Spa or online on their website. Another favorite smoothing shampoo and conditioner is the Neuma neuSmooth Shampoo and Leave-On Conditioner. You can also get this in-salon at Haven or online on their website.

Tip #2 Moisturize!

Dehydrated hair frizzes out, that’s a fact. Especially if you are swimming in a pool, at the beach, etc. The chemicals in the pool as well as salt water will dry out your hair.

Some of the best ways to moisturize your hair are by using a leave on conditioner or a deep moisturizing hair mask.

My favorite leave on conditioners are the Neuma neuSmooth, as mentioned earlier and their neuMoisture Instant Fix. You can purchase these products in-salon at Haven or on their websites. My favorite deep moisturizing masks are the Neuma neuMoisture Intensive Masque and the ColorProof Deep Quench Moisture Masque. You can also get these in-salon at Haven or online on their websites.

Tip #3 Leave-On Smoothing and Blow Dry Creams

Basically, any kind of cream meant for applying when the hair is damp before blow drying is what you’re going for. This is your extra layer of protection.

My favorites are Neuma neuStyling Smoothing Creme, ColorProof HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Creme and ColorProof PlushLocks Leave-In-Smooth. All three can be found in-salon at Haven or on their websites.

An anti-frizz serum or an oil would work wonders as well! My favorite oil is the Argan Oil from Neuma. This can be purchased in-salon or online as well.

All three tips are pretty simple fixes that could totally change the game for you this summer. Using the right products for your hair can always make a world of a difference. If you have any questions on your specific hair type and what you should be using, ask away! And if worse comes to worse, you can always come visit me at Haven Salon for a luscious blowout!

I hope these tips help you beat the heat this summer!



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