Should You Be Detoxing Your Hair?

Have you ever felt like your hair is absolutely disgusting after just washing it? Greasy, weighed down and just overall gross? That’s an indication that you have some serious buildup on your hair and that you could use a detox. Now by detox I mean using a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo is designed to remove buildup or “gunk” from your hair.

Why should I detox my hair? What are the benefits?

Detoxing your hair is basically a deep cleanse. The benefits to detoxing your hair are; gets rid of toxins, silicones, waxes, minerals from your water, moisturizers, styling products, dryness and flakiness, unclogs the follicles, can help with scalp acne, improves circulation, brings oxygen and nutrients to the root and overall helps the support healthiness of your scalp and root of your hair. (The root or “follicle” obtains nutrients and is the determining factor of your hair growth)

So how do I know when to detox and how often should I be doing it?

My friend and coworker, Osman Salam, explained that it varies depending on your hair routine. For example, if you use a substantial amount of product in your hair (dry shampoo, hairspray, root boosters, mousse etc.) and only wash 1-2 times a week you should be detoxing at least once a week. If you’re not a product person and don’t use much on your hair you can get away with once a month (3-4 weeks). Although, my friend and coworker, Angela Barnes, feels the average person should detox once a week. Now, another factor to how often you should detox is what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use. If you’re using cheap shampoo and conditioner with fillers and toxins in the ingredients you will have a lot of build up on your hair thus needing to detox more. Personally, I wash my hair about twice a week and detox every other shampoo (once a week).

It is important to know that clarifying shampoos can strip your hair of its good natural oils if used too frequently. So you want to make sure how often you detox is based on your hair routine.

Where can I find a detox or clarifying shampoo?

You can find clarifying shampoos anywhere from Target and Walmart to Ulta and Sephora. What really matters is how good of a job your shampoo is doing. I personally swear by ColorProof ‘ClearItUp’  Detox Shampoo. It comes in a dark green bottle and only a dime to quarter size amount is needed. ColorProof prides themselves on each and every product being ultra concentrated. They say that their formulas are developed to be two times more concentrated and each bottle averages about 68 applications or washes per use.

Now that I’ve rambled on about detoxing your hair, you’re probably stressing that you need to clarify your hair like yesterday. No need to worry, if you have any further questions or would like help on where to go next just reach out to me! I’m one message or comment away.



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