Sweat and Heat Proof Summer Makeup

I don't know about you, but here in Upstate New York Summer took it’s sweet time coming but once it did, it hit us like a bus. 90 degree weather and all of the humidity has left me wanting to shave my head and have nothing on my face. Yes, that’s right, a complete makeup lover wants no part of makeup. But especially in my case, that isn’t always an option. Thankfully, I have all the tips and tricks on how to prevent your makeup from melting off your face.

Tip #1 Matte is Your Best Friend

If you have oily and/or combination skin then matte is your best friend during all the seasons. But, matte is especially your best friend if any kind of oil comes through your makeup in hot weather. The heat intensifies your oil production. For example, I have combination skin and my nose is where most of my oil production happens. During the winter, at the end of the day I might see a small amount of oil produced on my nose. Nothing too crazy and nothing that overly bothers me. During the summer my nose gets extremely shiny and needs to be blotted throughout the day. The sides of my nose, my chin and the center of my forehead also get a tad bit oily but nothing too crazy.

So, why should you veer towards matte in the summer? Like I’ve mentioned in my “What is your skin type? Do you actually know?!” blog post, anything matte helps combat oil from coming through your makeup. Therefore, the less oil and grease on your face, the less likely it is to slip, slide or melt off your face.

What matte products should you be looking for? Matte primers, foundation, powder, sunscreen, cc/bb creams etc.

Pro Tip:To kill two birds with one stone you can get a mattifying sunscreen or a mattifying sunscreen and primer and apply that either alone or before your makeup. That way you’re keeping your oil at bay while protecting your skin from the sun's rays.

Tip #2 Know Your Glowy

I am all about fresh, glowy skin in the summertime. But, you gotta know your glowy. By that I mean know where to intensify your glow and know where to stay matte. If your nose gets oily, keep that as matte as possible. That means absolutely no shimmer on the nose whatsoever. But, if your cheek and temple are normal to dry you can apply as much highlighter and glowy products to these areas as you please.

Pro Tip: You can apply a glowy primer underneath your makeup for a subtle glowy effect. By doing this you still have the matte foundation on top keeping your oil at bay but a subtle hint of glow from within.

My favorite glowy primer is the Pearl Radiance Primer from Elcie Cosmetics which you can purchase on their website.

Pro Tip: Apply your makeup as per normal setting it with powder. At the very end take a cream or liquid highlighter and apply it to the high points of the face. Do not set with powder. Instead, leave it for a dewy, radiant effect.

Tip #3 Less is More

The best way to prevent your makeup from melting off your face is to not have as much on. I’ve personally been using concealer in the areas I want coverage, adding a cream bronzer and blush and then setting the face with powder. This gives the look of a whole face while the areas you applied your cream blush and bronzer to have nothing underneath them. So, the moral of this story is know how to play your cards. Add makeup where needed and skip it where it’s not needed.

Tip # 4 Set Your Face with Setting Spray

Setting spray helps the longevity of your makeup no matter what time of year it is. But, if you're looking for something sweat and heat proof then you’re looking for something long lasting. It’s gotta last you through the insane heat. So, giving your face a good spritz before heading out the door could help you in the long run.

My favorite setting spray of all time is Elcie Cosmetics Hydra Enhancer but that being said, it is an alkaline water, hydrating setting mist. So, if you get oily then you should probably stay away from this one; at least for the summer.

Skindinavia makes a killer oil control setting spray that will keep you matte all day long. You can get this on their website. Also, so does Urban Decay. Fun fact, they come from the same place. If you look on the Urban Decay setting spray packaging it will say “by Skindinavia” or something of that nature.

Lastly, Coola makes a setting spray with SPF 30 in it. So, once again, you could kill two birds with one stone on that one. You can get this on their website as well.

Tip #5 Moisturize

Girl, moisturize. Just because it is hot out and your skin is producing more oil does not mean it does not need moisture. It actually means the exact opposite. When your skin produces more oil it can be a direct result from dehydrated skin. Your oil glands are then over producing to try and combat the dehydration.

Here are some options for moisturizer; you can either get a mattifying moisturizer to apply before makeup or just apply a moisturizer dedicated for oily and/or combination skin type. You will want to look for something that’s oil-free. I go even more into detail on this specific topic in my “What is your skin type? Do you actually know?!” blog post.

Tip #6 Do Not Touch Your Face

This is the most important tip I could ever give anyone when it comes to makeup. Hot weather or not, DO NOT touch your face. Why is your makeup coming off? Because you rubbed it off with your fingers that have dirt, oil, germs and bacteria on them. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the number one reason someone's makeup didn’t stay on is because they touched it too much. Bottom line is don’t do it unless it is absolutely necessary. It’s not the easiest thing to train yourself not to touch your face but in the long run it’s a life saver.

Pro tip: If your face is covered in sweat (or tears) always dab and NEVER wipe or rub. Wiping and rubbing directly takes the makeup off. When you dab, you’re less likely to take the makeup off.

Hopefully now you are ready to head straight into the 90 plus degree weather with a full face of makeup on. Of course, always feel free to ask away any questions you have! What tips helped you the most? Let me know in the comments down below! Now, go rock your makeup with confidence that it wont start dripping down your face.



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