The Kindness Is Foundation

It brings me extreme excitement to announce that Simply Elegant Beauty is a proud sponsor for the 2019 Kindness Cart that will be used at the Albany Medical Center Children’s Hospital. The Kindness Is Foundation has created the Kindness Cart that will be filled weekly with snacks, toiletries, small activities and more for children and families staying at the hospital.

I am truly filled with excitement and joy that I get to be a part of helping these families going through difficult times. My younger brother was born with Mitochondrial Disease and was extremely ill therefore my family spent a great deal of time in and out of the Children's Hospital for the first 2 years of his life before Hospice came into our home. During that time period we were able to use the Ronald McDonald Family Room where my mother could use the phone, get a cup of coffee and I could sit, play and eat snacks while I was visiting my brother and mother. Coming from a family with a terminally ill child it means the world to me that I can be a part of helping someone else going through the same thing. The children and families faced with these difficult times are strong and brave beyond belief. I hope they know they are not alone.

I have to thank Marcy Mangino, Lyle DeVore, Bill Bokus, Chuck and Carolyn Saxton, Patrick Meehan, John and Hope Meehan for their donations to help make this possible.

I also encourage anyone who has a chance to donate towards helping anyone or any given disease or foundation to do so whether they can personally relate or not. The gift of giving back to others is truly beautiful and I aspire to do more of it.



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