The Makeup Show 2019

Monday, May 6th I attended The Makeup Show in NYC. I was able to bring along my mom who was my guest for the day. 5am we boarded the train and headed to the city for a fun filled day full of makeup and education!

For those of you that don’t know, The Makeup Show is similar to an IMATS. Basically, there are tons of vendors from different pro brands that you can purchase from. Most brands giving discounts on top of their pro discounts just for going to the show. Then they also have tons upon tons of seminars and education classes. You are eligible to be educated by some of the top artists in the industry.

We weren’t able to sit in on any seminars because I had signed us up for 2 classes. The first one was “Understanding Avant Garde” and the second was “Perfect Skin”, a hands-on class. I told you guys I would be on my education game this year.

The Avant Garde class was taught by pro artist, Lijah Stewart, who is such an amazing artist. I’m already so obsessed with her avant garde work. Since I already attended Mario Dedivanovic’s Masterclass back in February I decided a class focused on makeup that was not your everyday deal would be awesome to take. Let me tell you, it was way more than I expected. Lijah taught the difference between Avant Garde and Editorial makeup which I did not realize are complete separate categories. To put it into simple terms, Editorial makeup is seen mostly on the fashion side of things. It’s keeping most of your everyday beauty elements while adding a touch of something out of the ordinary. For example, the “clean skin” makeup trend or a “bare skin” look with a pop of colorful mascara would be an Editorial look. While Avant Garde is more creative elements and out of the ordinary things added to the face. For example, if you see a picture with foreign objects, or a face that has polka dots, paint splatters etc. that would be Avant


What I loved most about what Lijah taught was that she liked to tie in the elements of art to her work. She explained that she often looks up different artists or takes a walk through an art museum to get inspired for her looks. I also loved that she said when she gets inspired she doesn’t copy what they did completely. She takes bits and pieces that she loved from whatever inspired her and creates her own version. I truly feel that shows how much of a true artist she is. When I tell you something so simple like that completely blew my mind.

The next class we took was “Perfect Skin” with pro artist Felicia Walker. The classes she teaches are mainly skin care focused. I chose this class because I will soon be adding skin prep into all makeup applications. In this class Felicia went over some of her favorite products, what she would use, when she would use it and also added in extra steps you could do to take your makeup experience to the next level.

I of course had to do some shopping while I was there as well. I got an amazing deal on the Glamcour Riki Cutie Mirror and loved them so much I bought 2. I needed one for my kit and one for me, right?! I also added Graftobian’s HD Glamour Creme Super Palette in Neutral. Although I absolutely love my Face Atelier, I wanted a versatile palette that could provide more coverage when needed and double for spot concealing and concealer under the eyes. I’ve heard amazing things about the Graftobian palettes and have used it once already with my Face Atelier and absolutely loved it! I also purchased the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner and have absolutely loved that so far. It does an amazing job at getting all of the pigment off in-between applications. There was a Kiss lashes booth at the show with discounted lashes so I had to get some more lashes for my kit. I’ve been absolutely loving my Kiss lashes lately because of how natural and fluffy they look. I picked up a big powder puff to try out a trick I learned at Mario Dedivanovic’s Masterclass back in February and lastly I got a jade roller for myself. Let me tell you, it feels so amazing to roll your face and work your facial muscles. I was convinced I needed a jade roller after using it in the “Perfect Skin” class.

I won’t deny there were many many more products I almost bought but didn’t. The temptation is real. But overall I’m so happy with our experience and would love to make it a yearly thing. I can’t wait to continue using everything I got for my kit and to apply the knowledge I gained into my business. I’m already eager to work on getting an Avant Garde makeup shoot together.

That’s all for today. Have you ever been to The Makeup Show? Did you love it?! Let me know in the comments down below.



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