The Masterclass Mario Dedivanovic

Saturday, February 9th, I attended The Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass with Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian West and Anastasia Soare in LA. I cannot express enough how incredible of a learning experience this was. I am so happy I flew completely across the country for this class.

The class started with a video highlighting Mario’s early life and his evolving career. I’ve had many people say to me he seems so humble and he truly is. His story is truly inspiring.

Kim Kardashian West is Mario’s main client, good friend and was the model for the class. I am so happy I had the chance to attend one of his classes with Kim there. It was so helpful and interesting to hear Kim talk from the celebrity client perspective. Questions were being asked the whole time to both Mario and Kim so we got to hear from Kim about timing, working with Mario VS other artists, KKW Beauty and more. We also learned that Kim and Mario pick on each other often, are very funny together and even fight here and there. They shared that when they fight it is usually because Kim had a look in mind and Mario did something completely different. Kim shared that one time she told Mario she did not want a blue eyeshadow look. She trusted him and when she looked in the mirror the whole look was blue eyeshadow. She said it actually ended up being one of her favorite blue eyeshadow looks he ever did on her. Mario said the reason he goes against what she wants sometimes is because he factors in where she will be, who is going to be there, what lighting will be there, what did the makeup look like from the previous year and what she will be wearing. I had never thought of factoring in lighting at a certain location but it is definitely something I will be looking into for the future!

The class started with special guest Anastasia Soare, the owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills, doing Kims brows with her famous brow products. Anastasia does Kim’s brows on the regular anytime, anywhere. Anastasia explained her “Golden Ratio” technique and went through step by step how she does brows. She uses her brow powder, brow pencil, brow pomade, brow gel and her brow highlighting pencil. She also has brow stencils that she uses for guidance.

Mario did an 80’s look on Kim which was a brown smokey eye with lined nude lips. He explained that he never plans out the look he's going to do ahead of time. He starts to plan his look while doing the brows but really just does it as he goes.

I learned so many helpful tricks from Mario during the class. It was interesting to get the perspective of a makeup artist that previously worked in the fashion/editorial world and now works as a celebrity makeup artist. Mario was also very technique based and not that focused on products and brushes. He understood every artist will like different products and brushes but techniques will last forever. It was extremely interesting to see the way he worked. He must’ve went in with a puff and powder 15 times. He works on part of the face, goes to something else on the face and then comes back and perfects it a little more.

Lastly, with the class I got a certificate of completion, a Masterclass branded notebook, pen and a bag full of makeup and skincare products donated by sponsors of the class. I will be posting soon some of my favorite products I got from the class. I’ve been using them all non stop!

Long story short I would highly recommend anyone to take one of these classes. I can’t wait to use all the techniques I learned on my clients and can’t wait for more education in the future!



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