This Could be the Main Reason Your Hair “Isn’t Growing”

I decided to write this blog post after realizing this isn’t as much of common knowledge as I thought it was. What felt like basic knowledge to me, is actually something that most people have no idea about.

I can 100% confidently say the main reason someone's hair “isn’t growing” is because girl, you need a haircut.

There are many misconceptions on the ratio between getting your haircut and it’s growth. I hear more often than not that people don’t want to get their haircut because their hair never grows and it will never grow back. But, what they don’t know is their hair is always growing, their ends are just breaking off.

What I mean by this is, damaged, split ends break off. Most of the time it happens when you’re brushing or combing through your hair. The brushing motion is what breaks them off. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush your hair, it means you should get a haircut.

So, the gist is you feel like your hair isn’t growing because you’re either seeing your length stay the same or get shorter due to breakage. The only real way to fix this is to cut your hair and when you do, your hair will look SO much healthier.

Damaged ends look scraggly and your ends won’t be all one length. It’s not as “blunt”, per say. But when you do cut off the scraggly ends, you get that blunt affect back that not only looks healthier but shows off how much hair you really have. It makes your hair look a lot thicker.

Basically, the science behind it is, once you cut off those split ends you’re left with a healthy hair shaft that will not break off. So, your hair will continue to grow and you will actually see your growth as long as your ends continue to stay healthy.

Of course, the next key after cutting your hair to a healthy length is keeping your hair healthy. This means, always use heat protectant, be cautious when using heat and let your hair be natural when you can. Also, be cautious when coloring your hair, always follow your stylists recommendations and at-home routines as well as following their recommended product regimen.

If you follow all of this and then some, you’ll be on your way to happy, healthy hair.

Also, if you’re in need of a great stylist, I may know a few. Come visit us at Haven Salon for a fresh new cut!



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