True Beauty Co & Saratoga Portrait Studio Collab for a Colorful Photoshoot

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this shoot is AHHHH! I’m serious, we were like little kids jumping up and down over this shoot.

Flashback to when Lauren and I were doing hair and makeup touch-ups for Headshot Happy Hour at Saratoga Portrait Studio. Deanna, one of our models from the shoot, approached Lauren about this fun shoot coming up and how they wanted Lauren and her team to do the hair and makeup for it. After a while of conversing Lauren looks at me and says “I was going to message you about doing makeup on this shoot”. I told her good, because I was coming whether she wanted me to or not.

Sunday, August 29th, was the shoot. I had the honors of doing Deanna’s makeup while Lauren did Sarah’s makeup and Osman did both girls hair. Our photographer was Emily, from Saratoga Portrait Studio, who was beyond sweet. We were left to do our thing and let our creative minds do the talking. Deanna’s colors were a bright deeper blue, bright darker purple, aqua and teal. Her hair was a mohawk with intricate braids on the sides. Sarah’s colors were orange, peach and pink on one side of the face and a light eye on the other side. Her hair was a mixture of twists that came into a braid. Both had splatters of colors on their face and other colors come down onto their neck, chest and body.

At the very end of the shoot we splattered water on the girls faces and let them completely smudge and smear the makeup. They also dipped right into the eyeshadow pans and went to town on their face.

I can’t explain the feeling you get when you get to be this creative. It’s like you’re a little kid again playing with paint on paper. I also can’t explain the feeling you get when you collab with an amazing group of people looking to succeed, grow and just have fun.

At this point my excitement for this shoot is jumping out at you through the screen and you’ve probably heard enough of me talking. So with that I’ll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the shoot.



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