Volume! Avant Garden Fantasy Hair & Makeup Competition

Over this past weekend I got the pleasure of being in the 2nd annual Volume! Avant Garden Fantasy Hair & Makeup Competition with my good friend Jessica. A couple weeks back Jessica came to me asking if I wanted to be the makeup artist for this competition she was in. My answer? Of course! In this industry you have to jump at every opportunity that comes your way. You never know what connections you can make and where these opportunities can lead you! Long story short we had absolutely no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. This competition was huge and the hair and makeup showcased was insane.

Quickly she came up with our theme “dawn” and “dusk” which I absolutely loved. We were given 2 models, Sarah and Korynn, who were the sweetest girls. Leading up to the competition everything slowly began to fall into place. I give Jessica a lot of credit, she handmade their hair pieces (which came out amazing) and coordinated everything. The day of everything went just as planned, if not better. I can’t tell you how extremely proud I am of the both of us. Our creative minds flowed together perfectly. Sarah was “dawn” and Korynn was “dusk”. “Dawn” was colorful, light, airy, whimsical and blooming. “Dusk” was dark and woodsy but still alive. I have to say, just attending this competition was so much fun. The environment was upbeat and the concept was creative minds coming together to showcase their work.

Reflecting back on this competition I think of how great of an opportunity it was and how much of a challenge it was. Without realizing it, I was really putting my skills to the test. Given the task, I set out looking for inspiration. Collectively taking the inspiration I was drawn to, molding it together into my own version and bringing it to life. One thing I know for sure is this is just the beginning. Jessica and I will definitely be back next year. Also, Jess will definitely be making more appearances working alongside me. She’s one of the many artists I feel so lucky to know, work with and have as supporters. I hope you too feel inspired and maybe we will see you at next years show!



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