Volume! Fantasy Hair and Makeup Competition 2019

For the second year in a row Jessica LaFountain and I competed in Volume! Fantasy Hair and Makeup Competition at Vapor Night Club. This years theme was Big Top Circus and our theme within the theme was lion and lion tamer. Our models were Sarah Keegan (lion tamer) and Dave Anderson (lion).

We decided to role reverse and do the unexpected by having our female model be a ‘dominatrix’ lion tamer while our male model was a ‘submissive’ lion, per say.

Sarah’s hair was designed around her wire top hat that Jessica hand crafted herself. Her hair plus extensions were entangled up into the hat to give the effect of a ‘hair hat’. Dave’s hair was a wig that Jessica balayaged to get yellow, orange and caramel tones and then crimped and teased up into a mohawk. She also added ears to the sides of the mohawk made out of hair as well.

The idea behind both Sarah and Dave's makeup was to follow the color scheme of what they were wearing/what colors were tied into their hair and headpieces. Sarah’s eyes were a sharp black cut crease followed by a thin red line for dramatic effect. She had three scratches on the side of her face that I created to look like the lion had scratched her. She also had two triangles followed by circles coming off the eye opposite to the scratches for an added ‘circus’ effect. When it came to Dave’s makeup I wanted it to be clear he was a lion while not making him look feminine or childish. He had a black cat eye, bold fluffy brows, a black nose and a black upper lip. Followed by metallic gold and a good contour on his face.

Overall, I am so proud of myself and Jessica for our work this year. It's rewarding to see a creative vision inside of your head come to life. I truly enjoy exercising my brain, if you will, and letting my creativity flow. Although bridal and special occasion makeup is my specialty, I love dabbling in avant garde/editorial work and seeing where my creativity takes me.

Enjoy my favorite photos from the show taken by William Leblanc Photography and M.A.P Graphics.



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