Why I use FACE atelier on all my clients

I was originally introduced to FACE atelier when I was working in the salon. It was the main line of foundation used on clients. Bottom line is the foundation is beautiful on the skin and in photos.

As mentioned on FACE atelier’s website, the founder, Debbie Bodnar, created the foundation to be age and race neutral meaning it works for all ages and skin tones. FACE atelier is a Canadian company and they pride themselves in only using essential ingredients that serve a specific purpose. They do not formulate with SPF because

they have designed their foundation for Pro usage and do not want problems with flashback. On their website they also claim that the foundation is highly pigmented and buildable with a natural satin finish. I would absolutely agree with these claims. I once had a client who asked to be able to see her freckles through the foundation because she felt weird without them. FACE atelier gave the perfect amount of coverage while still showing her freckles. I also have had many clients who wore very little makeup and were worried about it feeling heavy. Their reaction afterwards were priceless seeing that their skin still looked like skin.

FACE atelier is a silicone based foundation and as stated in their article “the MAGIC of SILICONES”, silicones are heat and water resistant. Between my co-workers and I we have never had an issue with the foundation on even the hottest, most humid days for our brides and bridal parties. Also, I used the foundation for an underwater photo shoot and the foundation stayed in tact which is perfect for if you shed a tear or two on your wedding day. On their website they also address that the silicones used in their foundation have molecules that are bigger than the pores on your face so the foundation will not clog your pores and actually be better for more mature skin as it will not settle into fine lines and wrinkles. The silicones in the foundation also create a barrier so it will not irritate sensitive skin.

Lastly, they claim that no primer or powder is needed when using the foundation. I still always use both when using the product on clients. When I use primers I use them to address skin conditions. If the client has dry skin, I give them a moisturizing primer and vise versa with oily skin. This is done so the makeup can look its absolute best. Setting the foundation with powder is a must for me no matter the claims or finish of it. Overall it gives the skin a softer look, makes it not feel “wet” and prevents it from transferring, slipping or moving off the face.

By now I’m sure you can tell why I love this foundation so much. I only covered the basics compared to the knowledge and facts given on their website. If you’re interested in knowing more I highly recommend going to their website www.faceatelier.com. As always, let me know what you think of FACE atelier.



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