Working With Beauty With Julie and Bar Beauty & Co

I first got connected with Julie Occhino through Lauren of True Beauty Co. Julie owns Bar Beauty & Co in Troy, New York. She seeked out Lauren looking for a hair stylist for an upcoming wedding. Lauren reached out to me and I instantly said yes. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs I’ve been trying to take on every opportunity I can. Before I worked on the first wedding with Julie she had already asked me to help on another one. I guess that means I made a good impression! Anyways, I can’t say enough good things about them all. They’re so sweet and welcoming.

I currently have 6 upcoming weddings with Julie and have done 4 with her already. One of which was an overnight stay in Tarrytown, New York which was so much fun!

The wedding crew consists of Julie, Melanie, Kristina and Joseph. Julie, Kristina and Joseph are the makeup artists while Melanie and I are the hairstylists. Julie also works with Live Your Beauty where she gets to showcase her work in luxury bridal shoots all over the country.

I love working with other stylists and artists because I am always learning. Weather it’s a technique, product recommendation etc.

Working with Julie and Bar Beauty & Co has been awesome. They have made me feel like I have been working with them for years. I would absolutely recommend them if you’re looking for a glam squad on your wedding day.



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