Your Shower Water Could be Causing You Major Hair Problems...

This blog post has been a long time coming because I have struggled when it comes to my shower water for a long time now. 

At my house we have hard water and let me tell you, it makes my hair feel disgusting. I bet you didn’t even know this could be a thing! Well it is, it’s annoying and I’m here to help educate you about it. 

First let’s start off by distinguishing the difference between hard and soft water. 

Hard water- Has a high mineral content including calcium and magnesium. The level of mineral content differs depending on where you live because of the water's path through the soil. 

Soft water- Contains de-ionized sodium which is sometimes natural and sometimes because of water treatments. 

So what issues can your water be causing you? I’m glad you asked. Because of the abundance of minerals and chemicals in hard water, this can cause build up in the hair which in turn makes the hair feel like you have product in it that never got washed out. This can also make breakouts, dryness and irritation worse. Other effects on the hair are dry scalp, itch and dull/discolored hair. 

On the flip side, soft water is actually moisturizing.  Although it is moisturizing, it can have a reverse effect on some people. The moisturizing effect makes some hair greasy in texture and flat. 

What You Can Do to Help

First and foremost, if your hair is feeling any type of build up due to water, the first thing you can do is use a clarifying shampoo. Personally, with my hard water I have to use ColorProof Detox Shampoo in order to really get rid of the build up. I would recommend clarifying your hair first, then shampooing with another shampoo of your choice afterwards for a double cleanse. 

For soft water, after clarifying to address the flatness issue, you can use a volume shampoo and conditioner. 

Lastly, if your water just will not budge, you can look into a softener for your shower head. There are ample amounts of water softeners on the market. 

Did you have no idea your water could be causing such issues? You aren’t alone. I feel like it’s a topic that isn’t talked about but actually plays a huge affect in your hair. But, with the right information you can really make a difference in the issues you’re dealing with! 

This blog post was short, sweet and informational. I hope you learned a ton and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 



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