Virtual & In-Person Makeup Lessons

Makeup Bag Makeover

-90 Minutes


Makeup routine got you stuck in a rut? This lesson is a complete makeup makeover! My most popular class where I completely overhaul your makeup bag with new products as well as teach you how to properly apply them. 


-A customized virtual makeup class that ensures you have the appropriate products you need in your makeup bag suitable for your skin type and desired look. 

-Helps you choose the correct textures, tones and colors for your skin.

-Helps you choose the proper skin prep to ensure a flawless base and application.

-Helps you determine the proper tools needed to achieve your desired look. 

-Helps you determine when it's time to toss out old, expired makeup products and replenish them with something new. 

Who is this class suitable for?

-This class is perfect for anyone who wears makeup regularly and wants to learn how to properly apply it! 

Ageless Beauty

-90 Minutes


As we age, our skin changes and our makeup looks need to evolve. As a Makeup Artist, I never do the same look or prep work on a 20 year old that I do on a 40 year old. In Ageless Beauty, we focus on getting you a flawless, even complexion that looks radiant and youthful. We especially focus on not accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. 


-A personalized makeup lesson to ensure you know the proper techniques that are suitable for your desired outcome.

-Teaches you how to apply proper skin prep beforehand that will leave you with the perfect base for your makeup application.

-Helps you choose the correct textures, tones and colors for your skin. 

-Helps you determine the proper tools needed to achieve your desired look. 

Who is this class suitable for?

-This class is perfect for anyone ages 40+ that are trying to navigate the proper look for their skins needs.

Elegant Eyes

-45 Minutes


The number one thing I always hear from clients is that they skip the face makeup and focus just on their eyes. Eyes are the biggest feature of your face that can be completely simple or taken up a notch to be super dramatic. Elegant Eyes focuses strictly on eye makeup application. 


-Teaches you how to use the correct brushes and tools to get the eye look you desire.

-Teaches you how to choose the appropriate colors for your eye color and your skin tone.

-Helps you learn how to apply your eye makeup specifically for your eye shape.

-Teaches you how to apply eyeshadow like a pro.

-Teaches you how to line your eyes with pro tips and tricks.

-Teaches you how to fix any application mistakes without ruining your entire look. 

-Teaches you how to apply false eyelashes (optional). 

Who is this class suitable for?

-This class is perfect for anyone who wears eye makeup regularly and wants to know how to take their eye makeup up a notch.

-This class is perfect for someone who is attending a special event and feels confident in their face makeup but wants to ensure their eye makeup is on point.

-This class is perfect for someone who is going to be on camera and/or is getting professional photos done and wants to ensure their eyes are defined for photos.

5 Minute Face

-45 Minutes


Busy mom? Busy life? Need to look pulled together FAST? 5 Minute Face may be just for you! This is a customized makeup lesson catered to minimal makeup and a busy lifestyle on the go. Efficient results in a timely manner. 


-Teaches you how to prep your skin for a more flawless makeup application.

-Teaches you how to even out your skin tone with foundation.

-Teaches you how to apply quick and easy base makeup so you look radiant and fresh.

-Teaches you how to cover dark circles so you look bright and fresh.

-Teaches you quick eye makeup tricks so you look bright eyed and bushy nailed!

-Teaches you the right lip application to pull your look together and take it to the next level if need be.

Who is this class suitable for?

-This class is perfect for moms that don't have a lot of time to get ready.

-This class is perfect for someone who isn't a huge makeup wearer and wants quick and easy, simplified steps. 

-This class is perfect for a teen that wants to get into makeup but doesn't need to wear a ton of makeup daily. 

-This class is perfect for someone who likes a clean, fresh face that's not too complicated.

-This class is perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle that is always on the go.

Bridal/Photo Ready

-90 Minutes


Hiring an artist isn't always an option but doing your makeup for flash photography is a lot different than doing your makeup on a regular day-to-day basis. With the way the world is going right now, having a Makeup Artist do your makeup may not even be a possibility for you. Wherever you find yourself, why not take a virtual makeup lesson to ensure you look camera ready no matter the occasion? 

In our Bridal/Photo Ready course, we cover professional techniques made for photos that will last you a lifetime to come. I'm sure you've heard you need to wear more makeup for photos, but that isn't always the case. You just need the RIGHT makeup for photos. This is an especially perfect course for a professional that updates their headshots frequently, Instagram Influencers that are always in front of the camera, bridesmaids in weddings and even if you find yourself on Zoom now more than ever these days!


-A customized class to ensure you are camera ready for any occasion in both photos and video.

-Teaches you Pro long-wearing makeup tips and tricks that last you all day and night long. 

-Teaches you how the correct skin prep for a flawless base of makeup that looks smooth and radiant in photos.

-Teaches you how to apply foundation for camera. You do not need to have cake face for photos!

-Teaches you how to play with colors that will give you a fresh look in photos.

-Teaches you what textures, tones and colors to choose for your skin. 

-Teaches you how to apply false lashes if desired.

-Teaches you how to preserve your makeup and touch up where is needed throughout the day.

Who is this class suitable for?

-Brides looking to do their own makeup on their wedding day. 

-A professional who is in front of the camera often. 

-Someone who is looking into getting headshots. 

-Family portraits, senior portraits, bridesmaids, maternity shoots, influencers, newborn shoots etc.

All bridal inquiries go through True Beauty Company

Makeup Application


Professional Makeup Artist, Mia Mangino specializes in special event Makeup Application. Mia provides a natural, fresh face that accentuates your best features. This is perfect for any occasion including flash photography. A makeup application consists of a full face plus lashes. You may also request 'Elegant Eyes' which is an eye makeup application only. Makeup services can be provided in-salon and on-site as well. 




Professional Hair Stylist, Mia Mangino, specializes in updos and hairstyling. This includes up and down styles for any special occasion. As simple as just curls and as intricate as a boho braid, together you will help transform your Pinterest pictures into life! Updos are booked both in-salon and on-site as well. 



Professional Hair Stylist, Mia Mangino, specializes in blowouts both in-salon and on-site. Perfect for a special occasion or as weekly maintenance, each and every blowout is catered to last. 

Blowout Add-Ons

$20 Add-On

Professional Hair Stylist, Mia Mangino, offers 2 $20 add-on services to any in-salon blowouts. The WOW Dream Coat Anti-frizz and Humidity Treatment and the ACV Scalp Scrub.

Cezanne Classic and Express Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Professional Hair Stylist, Mia Mangino, offers keratin smoothing treatments in-salon only. A formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment that transforms your frizzy unmanageable hair into smooth, frizz-free luscious locks. The classic treatment lasts up to 5 months and the express treatment lasts up to 6 weeks. 

Group Classes

Group classes are held in-salon only and happen once every couple of months. Professional Hair Stylist, Mia Mangino, teaches anything from how to curl your hair to how to do an everyday messy bun to how to braid. Want to know when our next group class is? Check us out on Instagram!


Facial Waxing


Facial waxing is provided in-salon only. Sensitive wax is used to cater to all skin types and be as pain-free as possible. This includes lip wax, brow wax, chin wax and brow shaping.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting


Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting is a safe, low-odor, ammonia-free dye that tints your brow hairs and eyelashes for up to 3-4 weeks. 


All bridal inquiries go through True Beauty Company

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